Tips To Preserve Your Transmission

Your transmission is the most crucial and expensive system on your car, aside from the engine itself. It’s what permits the engine’s power to be transferred to the wheels, and it’s a complicated system.

If your transmission has been damaged due to negligence or incorrect repairs, a full rebuild or replacement can easily cost $2,000-$4,000. It means that you should do all necessary things to preserve your transmission and keep your automobile running for as long as feasible.

However, in some cases, getting your transmission repaired in Durham, NC, might be necessary. Yet, if you follow the following tips and tricks, you can avoid the repair services that might occur due to negligence. 

  • Keep the engine’s cooling system in a good condition

Your radiator and cooling systems keep your engine from overheating, as you presumably already know. Did you realize that your cooling system also helps cool the transmission fluid through the gearbox?

You must not overheat your transmission because it is fragile. To protect your engine and transmission, make sure you have enough coolant and that your cooling system is in good working order.

  • Get your transmission flushed regularly

We recommend you leave changing your car’s transmission fluid to a professional. Consult your owner’s manual for specific instructions, but in general, your vehicle’s transmission needs to be flushed once a year. The operating temperature of your vehicle and the amount of driving determines how long the transmission fluid in your automobile will last.

  • Warm-up your car before you drive

Who among us has climbed into the driver’s seat, started the engine, shifted into gear, and sped away? I think everyone is guilty of it at some point. So, from now on, let your engine warm up for a few minutes before driving, especially in the winter.

  • Have your transmission inspected yearly

Preventative maintenance includes having a trained transmission repair specialist inspect your transmission for leaks and other anomalies at least once a year, as well as checking the transmission fluid level, color, and smell on a regular basis.

Bottom Line 

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Transmission Problems, in Durham, Can Be Fixed at Cottman Transmission

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