How to avoid common transmission repair mistakes?

It is critical for auto or transmission shop operators to prevent costly blunders. Gaining a positive reputation with clients entails providing them with high-quality results every time they visit your company for assistance. You can help your shop stand out by avoiding these four common blunders. So, here are the common repair mistakes that one […]

My car will not go into Reverse what should I do?

Car will not go into Reverse If your car will not go into reverse, the first thing to do is check the transmission fluid level. If it’s low, add some more until the level reaches between “min” and “max” on your dipstick. If this doesn’t solve your problem, then you may need to change out […]

How much does Transmission repair cost?

Transmission repairs are not cheap. The cost of getting your vehicle back on the road is determined by a variety of factors. The transmission is likely the most complicated of all the components that make up your vehicle’s engine. Mechanical equipment must be serviced and repaired on a regular basis. If your transmission has failed […]

My Car does not move when I put it in drive, is my transmission bad?

Introduction I was driving and my car would not move, is my transmission bad? If you are getting ready to get into your car and it will not move, transmission issues can be the cause. There are many other things that could stop your vehicle from moving besides transmission issues as well. I would recommend […]

Benefits of hiring professional for transmission repair

Some car owners take pride in their ability to perform minor maintenance tasks. Many of us can change the oil or put in a new battery. Transmission problems necessitate the services of a professional. Even the most skilled “do-it-yourself” mechanic may be stressed by the complexities of transmission repairs. Protecting your warranty is another compelling […]