What does a transmission tune-up do?

As the engine is the necessity of the car, so is the transmission. Therefore, just like your engine requires maintenance, the transmission requires a tune-up, too, to keep running the vehicle smoothly.

What does a transmission do?

Transmission in a rear-wheel-drive vehicle aims to transfer power from the engine to the driveshaft and rear wheels. Gears inside the transmission adjust the vehicle’s speed and torque about the engine’s speed and torque.

What is Transmission Tune-up?

A transmission tune-up, also known as transmission service, often entails replacing the transmission fluid, filter, and gasket, as well as draining all of the debris that has accumulated over time. 

The cost of an automobile tune-up is determined by several factors. A basic tune-up might cost anywhere from $40 to $150, depending on where you live.

What includes Transmission Tune-up?

A tune-up has various benefits, and regularly servicing your vehicle will help it last longer and cost less in the long term. When basic maintenance faces negligence, it can lead to expensive problems that are usually easy to avoid. Vehicle maintenance can also help you get better mileage and save money on gas.

The air filter is almost definitely one of the components that will be tested when you go in for a tune-up. An air filter needs updating at least once a year. But depending on where you drive your car, it may need replacement more frequently.

The spark plugs should be inspected and cleaned as part of a tune-up, but only when an in-depth check is performed or when they’re due for replacement. It’s impracticable to take them out at every oil change because it would increase the tune-up cost unnecessarily. 

Inspection of the rotor and distributor cap may be part of a tune-up for an older car with manual ignition. 

Fuel filters, spark plugs, wires, the PCV valve, and the oxygen sensor might all need to be replaced during a tune-up.

You can consider oil change as a part of a tune-up too. But keep in mind that an oil change should be done regularly, but a tune-up once a year or less frequently.

What Are Some Indicators That My Car Needs To Be Serviced?

While tune-ups should be part of your vehicle’s annual essential maintenance, there are several signals that your automobile may need to be taken in for one right away. It’s time to arrange a tune-up if you’ve seen a significant decline in your average gas mileage. 

Symptoms of the tune-up? A bright check engine light and frequent stalling are the major ones. However, unusual knocking noises coming from the engine or a general lack of performance also indicate that your vehicle needs a tune-up.

Bottom Line 

Tune-ups are usually due for the yearly maintenance plan; however, you must remember that the car may show some signs for immediate attention. 

So, always watch out for these signs, and if needed, consult the professionals of Cottman Transmission. They can guide you right about the transmission and suggest that it needs servicing immediately.