What do I do when my transmission fails in Raleigh?

If you don’t know what to expect when your transmission fails; you, and your passengers could be put in danger. The transmission is in charge of transferring engine power to the drive wheels and allowing the driver to shift gears and adjust speed. When a transmission fails, the vehicle’s handling and performance are likely to […]

3 Tips to help you choose the right transmission shop

Transmission shops in the US can be found in large numbers in almost every state. However, as a car owner, you will find it hard to trust any random company to fix your car’s transmission problem. You will need some assurance to help you determine that a certain transmission shop is legit. This is to […]

What does a transmission tune-up do?

As the engine is the necessity of the car, so is the transmission. Therefore, just like your engine requires maintenance, the transmission requires a tune-up, too, to keep running the vehicle smoothly. What does a transmission do? Transmission in a rear-wheel-drive vehicle aims to transfer power from the engine to the driveshaft and rear wheels. […]

How to tell if your transmission is slipping

The transmission is responsible for converting engine power into motion, allowing the vehicle to move. There is a choice of manual or automatic transmission. An automobile with an automatic transmission shifts gears for you, but a car with a manual transmission may require you to shift gears using the gear selector. On the other hand, […]

Why Choose Cottman Transmission?

Choosing a transmission repair or servicing provider is usually an easy decision to take. All you need is someone available to offer the right services. However, as easy as it seems, it can also expose you to the anxiety of choosing the right one. You don’t know who is honest in their pricing, licensing, and […]