Do I Need a Transmission Flush?

Transmission Maintenance Most drivers don’t think about how their car is able to turn on and run every day when they get in it. They’re just happy that it gets them from place to place. Transmission fluid plays an important role that’s worth learning about. After all, transmission repairs can be quite costly, and if […]

Durham Transmission Rebuild

Cottman Transmission – The Premier Professionally Trained Transmission Rebuilders Cottman Transmission’s team includes professionally trained transmission rebuilders with unsurpassed transmission rebuilding experience, both manual and automatic.  Our in-house transmission rebuild department has rebuilt transmissions for many satisfied drivers in Durham and the surrounding area, for all makes and models. Contact Cottman Transmission Today for a […]

Transmission Service in Durham, NC – Cottman Transmission the Reliable Transmission Service Provider!

Servicing Your Transmission is Crucial to Extend the Life of Your Vehicle You drive your car or truck every day without any thought of a breakdown. Over time, the chances of a breakdown or malfunction become a higher likelihood. One way to extend the life of your transmission is to have your transmission serviced regularly. […]

Common Driving Habits That Can Damage Your Transmission

Transmissions are built to last a long time and can handle so many different types of weather and road conditions.  After normal wear and tear and high mileage, they may need to be repaired or replaced but certain driving habits can reduce the life of your transmission.  If you have questions or notice problems with […]

Transmission Problems in Cary!

Transmission Problems, What Could Be Causing TheIssue? Every vehicle in Cary has a transmission, and every transmission needs to be properly caredfor. The transmission is designed to work extremely hard to provide a smooth and efficientride. Like your engine and other parts within your vehicle, the transmission will experiencesome wear and tear, which is why […]