How to best maintain my vehicles transmission

Maintaining your vehicle’s transmission is critical to it functioning properly. The transmission is one of the most complicated parts of a vehicle and requires regular maintenance to function correctly. If you are looking for tips on how to best maintain your vehicle’s transmission, then this article will provide them! Keep up on the maintenance. The […]

4 Warning signs that your car needs transmission repair

Modern automobiles and trucks are quite durable, and with proper care and maintenance, they can provide years of reliable service. They, too, will eventually require extensive repairs as they age, just like the rest of us. It’s usually obvious when you need repairs or replacements. Your transmission is one of the most crucial parts of […]

Why Change Your Transmission Filter?

Introduction Changing your transmission filter is a smart thing to do. It can help prevent expensive repairs and keep your ride running like new. So, why change it? What exactly is in your transmission filter? We’ll answer these questions here. Transmission filter is important The transmission filter is a screen that’s located inside the transmission. […]

5 Signs of Transmission Trouble

There are many signs that your car may be having problems. One day it seems to be working just fine, and the next, it starts showing signs of distress. Several symptoms could mean problems other than the transmission, but we’ll show you five definite signs of transmission problems. When it comes to your transmission, make […]

Transmission Repair in Durham, NC

What’s the Difference? More Than a Name Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care in Durham, North Carolina, is more than the name of a business. Behind those words is actually more than a half-century of reputable service and workmanship. Our ATRA-certified technicians can assist you with transmission repair for any make and model. Finding a […]