My Car does not move when I put it in drive, is my transmission bad?


I was driving and my car would not move, is my transmission bad? If you are getting ready to get into your car and it will not move, transmission issues can be the cause. There are many other things that could stop your vehicle from moving besides transmission issues as well. I would recommend having it checked by an expert at Cottman.

My transmission has been making a lot of noises after it is warmed up, is it still safe to drive? If you hear strange sounds coming from the transmission area of your car when it has warmed up then this could be due to wear and tear or rust inside the gears causing them not to mesh together properly anymore between shifts while driving down the road or even just idling on stand still traffic lights etcetera! So yes if this is happening then yes its best to have this checked out immediately before something worse happens like complete failure while driving which could cause serious injury or even death if at highway speeds!

I was driving and my car would not move, is my transmission bad?

If you are experiencing this problem, there are a few things to check before assuming that your transmission is bad.

  • Check the fluid level in your vehicle. You can do this by checking under the hood or by looking at a dipstick located under the driver’s seat. The dipstick should read “full” when viewed from above; if it is not full at all then you need to add more fluid until it reaches its correct level.
  • If there was no problem with the transmission fluid but still no movement when using drive, then make sure that nothing else has been damaged inside of your car. There are many other parts within vehicles that could potentially cause problems with driving and could be preventing motion from occurring as expected (for example: brakes). If something else appears damaged or malfunctioning after attempting these steps, then feel free to contact us again so we can further assist you!

My transmission has been making a lot of noises after it is warmed up, is it still safe to drive?

If your car is making noises in the transmission, it is best to have it checked out by a professional. The transmission is an important part of your vehicle and if there are problems with it, you may need to get a new one or take your vehicle into the shop for repairs.

If you are not sure what to do, call Cottman.

What do I need to know if the transmission work needs to be done?

You may have a transmission problem, but that doesn’t mean you should rush out and buy a new car. It’s important to know what kind of work needs to be done before committing yourself to any repairs.

Transmission repair can be very expensive, especially if it’s not your vehicle’s original transmission. You might also need parts that aren’t available locally, which means waiting for them to arrive in the mail or even having them shipped from another state or country (which will add even more time). The process itself is complex and requires working with some dangerous chemicals as well as hot oils that can burn skin when spilled on it; this makes it dangerous for non-professionals who don’t know what they’re doing! Finally, if you decide not only do want but need new parts installed onto your vehicle because yours have been damaged beyond repair due


Transmission issues are serious and you should always have them checked out by an expert at Cottman.