3 Tips to help you choose the right transmission shop

Transmission shops in the US can be found in large numbers in almost every state. However, as a car owner, you will find it hard to trust any random company to fix your car’s transmission problem. You will need some assurance to help you determine that a certain transmission shop is legit. This is to ensure that they can fix your car’s problem without causing further damage. Here are a few tips to enable you to choose the right transmission shop for your car. 

         3 Tips to help you choose a good transmission shop

1. Ask about its reputation

A little background check on a transmission shop you choose to trust with your car’s transmission problem can go a long way. Checking the businesses’ standing with the Local Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau will help you know about any complaints filed against them. You also get to know whether those complaints have been resolved. If not, then that is a red flag for you. But if the cases have been resolved, or maybe the business has no cases filed against it, that assures you about its legitimacy.  This enables you to stay away from shops that can’t handle your car’s transmission problem in the right way.

2. Check its online reviews

Reputable sites like Google+, Google Maps, City Search, Insider Pages, Repair Pal, Yelp, and Facebook can give you an insight into the customer experience with different transmission shops. Finding a positive review shows that a customer’s experience with the particular shop was great to the point that they felt obliged to share their experience with others. 

3. Look for signs of professional auto repair shops

A professional Auto Repair Shop will take great pride in their work, thus paying close attention to details. They will be keen on having clean and well-organized garages as well as office areas. A professional shop will also spare no cost when investing in state of the art equipment to provide quality repairs and diagnostics. By seeing these signs, you can be assured that the shop will provide quality service, and you will avoid misdiagnosis that could cost you time and money.


Choosing the right Transmission shop goes a long way. You get to avoid misdiagnosis, which could have you spending on something other than the actual problem. You also get to save money and time. Asking about a company’s reputation, checking its online reviews and looking for signs of professionalism in a shop are some of the tricks that will help you avoid getting duped.